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MFS – Generation II

Prof. José DURAN from the university of Barcelona / Spain, developed the concept of “stimulotherapy planning” and the connected products, MFS Generation II.

His concept is based on a detailed and codified oral functions diagnostic, evaluating and rating nasal collapsus, hypertrophic adenoids and/or tonsils, lingual mobility and swallowing.

Once diagnostic is established, the doctor will use the adapted device for his patient, along with dedicated exercises to re-establish the functional trio: breathing, swallowing and masticatory pattern.

MFS concept and treatment are based on dedicated stimulation and the initial clinical observation to correct dysfunctions.

The reeducation implemented can be used with patients equipped with fixed mechanics or removable appliances, as well as with patients wearing no appliance.

With young patients, the MFS concept and philosophy will be part of the global treatment approach.

In parallel, some MFS devices are more specific and adapted with patients suffering from bruxism, snoring or sleep apnea disorders.

The MFS Generation II concept will provide orthodontists and dentists a brand-new clinical approach with patients of all ages, is it as a preventive treatment or later on with adolescents and adults.

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